Xiaofei Guan

Xiaofei Guan

Postdoctoral Fellow
Xiaofei  Guan

My primary research interest is in understanding chemical and electrochemical processes with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing environment impact. Previously I have worked on the following areas: (1) resource recovery and recycling, (2) electrolytic production of metals, and (3) energy conversion and storage using novel fuel cells and batteries.

My current research in Girguis Lab is centered on the growth and characterization of iron pyrite thin films for solar cells, a joint project at the interface between materials science, electrochemistry, and microbiology. The goal of this research is to understand the interaction mechanism between iron pyrite and microbes, and eventually develop cheaper and more environmentally friendly manufacturing of solar cells by transforming the growth of iron pyrite.

I received my BS degree in Applied Physics from Nankai University, China, in 2009, and PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Boston University in 2013.

Contact Information

16 Divinity Avenue
Biological Laboratories Building, 3102
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-9266

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