Neha Sarode

Neha Sarode

Research Associate
Neha Sarode

I am a Molecular Biologist at heart with Bioinformatics skills to boot. I am originally from India with degrees in Microbiology (B.Sc) and Bioinformatics (M. Sc). I received my PhD from University of Tennessee (Knoxville) under the guidance of Dr. Todd Reynolds, where my project involved deciphering regulatory pathways controlling biofilm formation using a unique biofilm forming Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain as a model system. I then joined Dr. Frank Stewart's lab as a Post Doc, at Georgia Institute of Technology. The main focus of my work there was Oxygen Minimum Zone microbial ecology using next-gen sequencing based metagenomics and metatranscriptomic microbial community analyses. There I developed a deep interest in symbiosis and microbiome research while working on collaborative projects exploring community associated with variety of organisms like corals, snails, human gut etc.

Though the importance of microorganisms in human life was known for a long time, current research in human microbiome field is only beginning to discover the fascinating effects they have on our health, behavior and survival. However, many marine organisms are surprisingly understudied on that front. With phenomenon like climate change and concerns of rapid loss of biodiversity threatening complex marine ecosystems, it is crucial to first understand these communities before attempting to predict or prevent any unforeseen damages. In Girguis lab I plan to explore the microbiome of marine invertebrates and study their role in the host and effects they might have on the surrounding ecosystem.

When not doing science, I love to cook, read fiction novels and listen to music!




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